Whether you’re a family chasing your toddlers, millennials hanging with your besties, or wise old hippies tapping your toes around the fire, we’re here to enjoy, play and create memories together, as a family, a village. We have curated 3 different camping zones for ya’ll this year. Everything is available on a first come, first served basis. 

Main Camp – This is where the majority of campers hang. You’ll get to have your vehicle with you in the pasture (please try to limit it to 1 per group). Bring your own shade + decorations to make the most of your festival experience!

River Walk – We’ve created a special space just for families where we keep the vehicle traffic to a minimum and where kids have a nature-inspired space to run, play, and create with their new friends. We have approx. 40 sites available and these are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents, be sure to bring your camp chairs and cooler full of your favorite beverages to enjoy with your neighbors while your kids run free. (No extra charge)

RV’s + Buses – We love you guys, but you’re big…so we gotta charge you more. We don’t have any plug-ins or dumping available, so come prepared to be fully self-sufficient. The ground is mowed pasture, so its flat, just don’t expect cement pads or perfection. 😉 (Extra $150/campsite approx. 20’x40′) 

An illustration of a bird in flight