Are there day tickets?

No. We welcome OCF attendees who are staying at other campgrounds to come in and enjoy our main stage area so long as they have a wristband for another Suttle Rd. campground. 

Is there parking onsite?
We will NOT be providing parking this year for day-trippers. However, our next door neighbors have a huge piece of land that will be used exclusively for parking for $20 per day. Cash only.  Please follow the signs along Suttle Rd.
Is there a daycare available?

No,  all children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the weekend. We recommend writing your phone number on the child’s wristband just in case they get separated from you.

Is there trash disposal on site?

No,  pack-in pack-out.  This is an eco-friendly event. Please join us on Sunday afternoon for the Pick-up Parade to show Mother Nature our support. 

Are there mosquitos?

Yes, so please make sure to bring your own bug spray. 

Is there seating by stage?

We will have some adirondack chairs and hay bales, but feel free to bring your own lawn chair/camping chair or picnic blanket.

Is there any shade?

Yes and no. There is plenty of shade in our River Walk area and we have a beautiful old growth redwood grove with hammocks for you to enjoy. However there isn’t any shade in our main pasture, so please bring your own! 

Can we bring a grill?

Yep! Enclosed small propane stoves are welcome. Just no open flames. Please have a fire extinguisher or water accessible just in case. 

Is there ice onsite?

No. Ice is available at Hilltop Market 1/4 of a mile down the road.

Can I leave and re-enter?

No. Re-entry is prohibited for vehicles. Yes to on foot re-enty for OCF fair goers.

How far is fair to walk to?

Right next door take a right out our front gate onto Suttle Rd. About a 10 min walk.

What should I bring?

  • Camping gear
  • Food and water
  • Cash for food and showers
  • Cooler with all your fave beverages + snacks
  • Enclosed small propane stove
  • Fire extinguisher for camp
  • Sunblock, Sun hat, Sunglasses!

What items are prohibited?

  • Weapons of any kind (large machetes included)
  • Fireworks, explosives, or accelerants of any kind, fire tools or lanterns
  • Drones unless you get a media pass// apply on contact page
  • Sound Systems
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Culturally Appropriated Costumes 
  • Animals, except service animals (Proof will be required, must be leashed at all times.)
  • Glass of any kind
  • No public intoxication 

Will there be food on site?

There will be a variety of food and snack options available for purchase including gluten-free and vegetarian options. Credit card & Cash sales only. 

Water bottle refilling stations?

Yes we have a water filling station next to the showers. Our water runs from a fresh spring with the cleanest water in the land. Enjoy and Drink up!

Can I tag on things and inside the porta potties? 

No and if you do we will track you down and make you pay the fines. Promise.

Can I smoke tobacco and cannabis?


Can I get a ticket refunded?

Absolutely no refunds. However, your ticket IS transferable, so you can sell to a friend or post for sale on our FB event page.

Is this event ADA friendly?

Sol Creek Farms is committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities have a full and equal opportunity to access our event.  ADA Parking is located behind box office. The field is flat and easy for wheelchair accessibility. Please email us if you need further accommodation. solcreekfarms@gmail.com

Do you require Vax?

No. Please be responsible and if you’re sick, don’t come.